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Welcome to Adam's Organix! We offer 100% pure CBD oils and balms sourced from hemp plants in Colorado. We follow all USDA guidelines and regulations. All our products are THC-free and third-party lab tested.

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About Adam's Organix

At Adam’s Organix, we believe in using organic, plant-based solutions to help restore your body. We offer Cannabidiol (CBD) products, sourced from hemp plants in Colorado and third-party lab tested, aimed at managing chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other ailments. 

Founded in 2019 by Adam Roberts, a former professional athlete who endured severe pain throughout his life. Until recently, Adam suffered from joint pain after physical activity, making it difficult for him to walk in the morning. However, he noticed the effects of CBD on his body. 

“Within minutes, the pain was gone. I also started to feel more myself when I was around other people”

Adam Roberts.

CBD has also helped Adam manage his anxiety. Since Adam began using CBD, he experienced inner peace and has become a more focused person. He credits this self-improvement in his life to the multi-healing properties of CBD. Thanks to CBD, Adam now moves through life with less anxiety and can now analyse life’s problems with a calm mental state.

Due to Adam’s positive experience with CBD, Adam’s Organix was built on the promise of providing customers with high-quality and effective CBD products that can heal the mind and the body. This approach is all part of Adam’s passion for holistic health and wellness. Adam believes that health is the only thing that has a direct impact on all aspects of life. Through Adam’s Organix, he is committed to ensuring that mental and physical health plays a vital role in your day-to-day activities.

At Adam’s Organix, we make 100% pure CBD oils aimed at providing maximum relief to a multitude of symptoms. We currently stock 500mg and 1,000mg 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) bottles of CBD oil tinctures at our online store. We also have a 500mg Premium CBD Balm for topical use.

We aim to expand our business presence by offering wholesale CBD oils to pharmacies and wellness centres across Trinidad and Tobago. In the future, we plan to develop more CBD-based products aimed at wellness and restoration.

Adam’s Organix intends to be a leader in the local health and wellness industry.


Feel free to contact us for more info on how CBD can help you restore your body.

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